List of services

Outpatient gynecology

Complex gynaecology and obstetrics outpatient care

Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases

Preventive inspection

Follow-up care

Contraceptive counseling

Comprehensive care for pregnant women

Immunization against cervical cancer

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Small surgery

Perioperative care read more

Long-term contraception without hormones

IUD without hormones GyneFix® for patients from 15 to 45 years.

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Modern cytology examination

We now offer modern and reliable method of cytological examination of cervical cells by sampling in liquid media (the LBC).

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Infertility Diagnosis

Infertility Diagnosis
(female and male)

Ultrasound pelvis

Examination of female sex hormones

Examination of thyroid hormones

Examination of sexually transmitted diseases

Culture examination

Analysis of thrombophilic mutations and ovarian reserves

Immunological tests

Genetic testing

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Reproductive medicine

Methods of diagnosis and reproductive medicine

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In vitro fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

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What you should know

What you should know before you start on the first IVF (artificial insemination)

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Other services

Solution female incontinence

We offer a proprietary tool developed Medilady to actively strengthen pelvic muscles.

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Genetic testing

Genetic testing is the most advanced method for detecting the presence of traits (gene) to a disease.

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Treatment of endocrine disease

Ambulance provides care for patients with gynecological diseases caused by hormonal disorders.

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Small encyclopedia of gynecology

Ultrasound examination

Treatment of women with bladder urine (incontinence)

Plastic surgery in gynecology (Aesthetic gynecology)

Small gynecological procedures

Great gynecological surgery

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