What you should know before you start on the first IVF

What you should know before you start on the first IVF (artificial insemination)

  • 1

    Age Partners

  • 2

    If the partner is pregnant, how many times she was pregnant and how the pregnancy was terminated

  • 3

    How long trying to get pregnant

  • 4

    Have already been a treatment for infertility ? If yes , what was the type of treatment

  • 5

    For a more detailed conversation with the doctor and also to plan your arrival, send us your extract and extract your partner from medical records of previous examinations. all documents must be written in capital letters.

If you register, take the results of these tests (if not, you can pass control to place at the first consultation):

  • Gynecological hormones 2-4 days of menstrual cycle - FSH, LH, PRL, estradiol, progesterone
  • Thyroid - FT4, anti- TPO, TSH
  • Anti - Müllerian hormone (AMH / ICM , AMH / MIS)
  • Thrombophilic mutations
  • The study of immunity - antibodies against sperm , testes, placenta
  • Analysis of the swab from the throat and vagina, including fungi, mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Chlamydia
  • Results kolposkopického examination cervical cytology
  • Spermiogram
  • If available - the results of laparoscopy

The best time of check-ups - a week before menstruation, ultrasound control - then you can take drugs to stimulate , including stimulus program and timetable for further action.