Reproductive medicine

Methods of diagnosis and reproductive medicine

Spermiogram - analysis of the ejaculate , which determine the quality of sperm and thus male fertility . This is a laboratory test ejaculate at which assesses two component properties - macroscopic and microscopic . Sampling takes place in the collection room by yourself after sexual abstinence 2-3 days.

Date intercourse - timed intercourse - if we know that a woman has a healthy and clear fallopian tubes and the man has normal sperm , approach to timer contact . After checks on ultrasound determines the optimal time of ovulation and plan the couple the best time for intercourse.

Intrauterine insemination - use for free tubal patency and the physiological values ??of sperm . Directly into the uterine cavity , less often in the cervix , introducing the best quality sperm ( after processing in the andrology laboratory) . The procedure is performed outpatient basis without anesthesia , using a thin plastic catheter.

IVF - In vitro fertilization - in vitro fertilization is used when a good quality of sperm in the case of missing or impassable ligation failure simpler methods , in cases of endometriosis , ovarian malfunction . To prepare the woman's body to prescribe stimulant medications facilitate the growth of multiple follicles ( tubes containing eggs ) in the ovaries. Collection of ova only takes a few minutes and if a woman has no trouble leaving after 2 hours in the company of home. On the same day partner gives women a sperm sample . With good quality sperm with eggs oplozují by adding and fertilization happens in a natural way in incubators.

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ICSI - Intracytoplasmic sperm injection - with poor quality sperm as in the previous IVF prevent fertilization or in cases of immunological factor ( woman produces antibodies against sperm ) , the eggs oplozují ICSI . Selected individual sperm are injected into each egg individually into a special micromanipulator . Embryologist this micromanipulation technique inserted into the prepared sperm directly into a mature egg. This method significantly increases the success achieved pregnancy in couples with infertility causes to male as to fertilize each egg using only one healthy sperm.

PICSI - improved method ICSI fertilization vyjíčka used -selected mature sperm with a reduced incidence of chromosomal anomalies. The gain of mature sperm is used bowl with hyaluronan gel , the enzyme surrounding egg to which they bind only mature sperm bind to the oocyte complex . Embryologist to fertilize using only the sperm , which are attached to hyaluronan gel.

Assisted Hatching - use in cases where there is suspicion of a stronger container embryos that would be feasible in the uterine wall , or in the event of failure of fertilization in IVF cycles předchozívh or ICSI . In assisted hatching needle micromanipulation embryologist disrupt packaging embryos and thus significantly increases the chance of its implantation in the uterine wall and pregnancy.

Prolonged cultivation - if we want to achieve the best results , it is advisable to extended cultivation.