Modern cytology examination

Modern cytology examination

We now offer modern and reliable method of cytological examination of cervical cells by sampling in liquid media (the LBC)!

In cooperation with biopsy Laboratories Ltd. We offer a sampling of cytology in liquid media the ThinPrep Pap test.

Collecting cells from the cervix is part of a preventive gynecological examinations, which conducts in 1 year and is used to search a precancerous stages of cervical cancer.

The new method significantly improves the quality of examination and increases the possibility of early detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous cell changes in the cervix.

The examination is painless and performed in the clinic and brush with cells taken from the " washed " in a special fixative, in which the cells are transported to the laboratory. In the cytology laboratory are then evaluated in two ways : by microscopic examination of specialized personnel and re- evaluated by computer software , which can identify and designate a single abnormal cell. This process significantly reduces the risk of overlooking isolated precancerous and cancerous cells.

In the classic 50 -year-old Sampling Methodology cytology smear brush or spatula to slide occurs in 10-30% of cases overlooked pathological cells and underestimation of the award.

We want our clients to provide a safe and modern way of preventing a high degree of detection of serious pathologies and therefore provides the possibility of investigating the cytology using LBC .

Detailed information can be found on our website cytology laboratory: and and we have them available in written form in the waiting room of our office.

Price 1 LBC test is 500 CZK, yet are not covered by public health insurance. Clients pay a fee when testing for the reception of our ambulance in cash.