Small gynecological procedures

Small gynecological procedures

Complete index of so-called small gynecological procedures:


small gynecological operations, which is the diagnostic and therapeutic exercise, is used to obtain material from the uterine cavity using a tool called curette


small gynecological surgery used to remove unwanted pregnancy from the uterus, usually plastic suction tube - cannula


small gynecological operations, the introduction of a thin endoscope through proudly into the uterine cavity uterine visually evaluate the condition of the mouth cavity including, fallopian tubes or the appearance of the endometrium

Operating hysteroscopy

minor gynecological performance that enables the introduction of endoscopic instruments into the uterine cavity removing such small fibroids or polyps in the uterine cavity

Ablation of warts

small gynecological power used to remove growths on the external genitals with an electric crank or a scalpel

Cervical conization electrical loop

minor gynecological procedure performed for diseases of the cervix